Short Term Care

Man being supported by female doctor - Short Term Care

Asking for help can be difficult but it can work to alleviate worry and stress from both the service user and their family. There are a range of reasons why the service user may need to ask for some short term care. This could be due to a disability, an injury, major surgery, an accident or maybe you have an age related condition. It could be that the service user needs some support with a transition from hospital to home. We at Isle Care understand the range of needs that our service users may have and we have professionally trained staff on hand to support our service user to maintain a good quality of life.

Man being supported by female doctor - Short Term Care
Personal Care

Every service user will be involved in writing their own care plan to ensure that the needs and wishes of the service user are met at all times. Our professional team at Isle Care are trained to maintain the service user’s dignity and respect in the comfort of their own home. The services that we offer include: washing, bathing, showering, dressing, dental hygiene, shaving, hair brushing, incontinence support and assistance with prescribed medication with the exception of injected medication.


We aim to ensure that all of the service users needs are met. This includes Intellectual, emotional and social needs. To do this Isle Care aim to provide a range of opportunities that are directed by the service user. This may include; socialization in the community, support with using public transport and company on journeys, emotional support, a friend to listen and talk to, reading and playing games and light exercise.

Domestic duties

We understand that sometimes household duties can be difficult and that it is important for our service users to maintain their home environment. To enable this, we provide the following services: Laundry, dusting, vacuuming, mopping, cleaning bathroom, cleaning kitchen, washing dishes and washing the windows inside. Requests can be made in relation to other domestic duties and these will be discussed with our service users..

Food and Nutrition

Preparation of meals, serving food and shopping. Any dietary requirements will be recorded in the service users care plan.


Isle Care can arrange transport for appointments, trips out, shopping and general errands. This can be arranged with prior notice and it will be subject to availability of staff.

Short Term Care

If the service user finds themselves in the position of needing some short term care our professional team at Isle Care will be happy to discuss this with the service user. This could be due to an injury, illness, relatives going on holiday, a recent discharge from hospital or respite cover for family or friends.

Home Care for the expected, the
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Isle care is a home care business located in the North of the Island.